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It's November 2011 now and I am 5! Life is pretty busy right now mum and dad pulled me out of kinder at the end of term 2, so that I could go again next year if that is what they decided to do. However, now they tell me that I am starting school transition tomorrow ready to go to school next year, luckily my friend Patty (pronounced Paddy as it is short for Patrick)is going to school with me. My sister Willow will be in my class next year too, as there are only 2 classrooms and only 28 children.

We have been going to lots of appointments all around the place, mum and dad say it is for my own good, but frankly I just don't like going to them. We play boring games at them and do tests that I don't want to do.

I do kindergym (gymready) and playgroup and the new swimming playgroup. On the other days we have lots of things to do like go to the toy library.

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Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a bannana! (dad's quote).

I'm practicing for my ballet concert (1st ever, now 2 weeks away!)

I'm not going to freeze or go shy in front of an audience - I know because it won't be my 1st time on stage. In September Grandma took mum, her brother and their families (11 in all) to Lindaman Island for a holiday. I loved it so much I refused to take off the cloth wrist tag I got as my boarding pass/meal pass for weeks after we got home.

I got to be in the petite club which is the kids club for under 4s. It meant I got to be the biggest kid and I enjoyed having the freedom to do my own thing but it did mean I didn't get to go on the bungee bounce or the trapeze.

One evening all the kids clubs put on a concert and I loved the chance to dance on stage. Mum and dad say I stole the show!

We went swimming last week after Wil finished kinder and while we were there One of my friends from kinder came in with her dad and little sister. I went straight over to play with her until it was time to go home.

At kindergym I'm still getting extension work, I can now turn around while hanging from a bar. I can also climb a vertical pole, swing out to hang from a horizontal, then get my knees up and hang with my head and arms down.

Granny and pop took us to the circus in July and I still want to be an acrobat!
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This morning Daddy was getting me into my school uniform for kinder, when I asked; "Am I going to kinder?" With a yes from daddy I was sooooo excited I said "Yippee!!!" I Love Kinder it is so much fun. Today we were doing secret Fathers day business.

A few weeks ago I told mummy and daddy that I am "Growing out of my shell!!", which is why that is the topic for this entry.

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I am 3 now and I love to tell people that I'm 3. I go to kinder now on a Friday morning for three hours. I love kinder, cos I get to play in the sandpit, do puzzles, do pastings, sing songs and listen to stories. I still wear nappies. We had a meeting with my teacher yesterday and she said I am doing really well, everything I'm doing is exactly what I should be at my age. Mummy is very relieved, daddy knew I would be!

We have moved into our own home now and we have lots more space inside. I love my sisters and I really enjoy playing with them both. I do ballet now and I love it!!

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Since last I wrote I've been very busy. I've had a birthday party of my own, followed by each of my sisters, then Xmas and new year. I still love playing with both my sisters in different ways: Wil makes up story games where we are faeries or mermaids. My games with Rhiannon are more about her trying to imitate me, I've taught her to play peek-a-boo in the car with a blanket. We hide under the blanket and giggle and squeal then pop out and giggle some more.

I run with my little arms pumping when I'm in a hurry now and have to bank into turns, swim with floaties on and do three year old tantrums (which last longer than 2 YO ones). I've become a lot more cautious than I once was, I'll often ask for help when I'm climbing and will sometimes choose not to do things if I'm not sure how I'll go or they look too scary.

Xmas was spent at Granny and Pop's place. I got to help feed the chooks, open lots of great presents and spend some time with my baby cousin. New years eve was spent at a friend's place but I went to sleep before midnight. Since we got home from Melbourne we've had our friend Callum come and visit which was great fun. I look forward to starting 3YO kinder later this year.
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I will be 3 in October and you can tell! I can now communicate using my words and I can even talk in full sentences if I want to. Mummy and Daddy were worried about my speech, for such a long time as I didn't start talking till I was over 2. This was so different to what they were used to with Wil, she started speaking at about 9 months.

I go to playgroup twice a week and I sometimes do Ballet if I'm in the mood. We go to Storytime at the Library in Moe every couple of weeks. Daddy is home this week so we are going across to Shepparton to see Granny & Pop, Aunty Jo & her daughter Clarissa.

I'm going to 3 year old kinder next year.

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On Saturday I went to the fish and chip shop with Dad. The shop had all kinds of interesting decorations. There were the shells, plastic crabs and when I pointed at the blue/grey crayfish shells I called them "creatures!"

Yesterday I patted dad's cheek "you're cheek is too spiky!
This cheek is spiky to!" after touching his other cheek.
Then I patted my own face
"My cheek is beautiful!"
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I'm now average height for my age! Look out world, I'm still getting going!
And on that subject I keep going and going, the ball of energy that a 2 year old is expected to be (with nap). I can count to 10 and have shown I can count 6 objects if I want to, I can do forward rolls and run and run and run! When I cross the road I pull my hand away and say "I do it myself!". This doesn't get the result I want but that's toddlerhood for you.

When I have tantrums or am putting on a grizzle because I didn't get my way Dad often joins in, this makes it hard for me to keep doing it without smiling and laughing. On the weekend I was also rubbing my fists over my cheekbones in a symbolic crying gesture before declaring "I need a biccet" (biscuit). Dad laughed and I had to join in.

Mum and dad are doing a parenting course. The week "Teaching respect for parents" was taught I showed why it needs to be taught.
"Can I jump mummy?"
"No charlie it's story time"
Sorry Mummy" Jumps.
Mummy was to busy laughing to call me on that, but I'm pretty sure I won't get away with it again. Wil has now moved into the back row of our van due to space issues so I now sit next to my baby sister. We have great conversations as I squeal at her and she squeals back. She wonderfully LOUD! I love holding her hand when she puts her hand up for me to.
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I love being at home with Mummy now! Willow goes to Kindergarten 3 days per week, so I am the big sister when she is not here. I call my baby sister "Annon" and now I love to say "she's so cute". We walk many more places now that we live in the country and the scenery is so pretty. Just over our back fence and across the road is a hill that overlooks our back garden. Life is pretty busy! I share a room with Willow and we sleep in bunks. I'm on the bottom and she sleeps up above me in the top bunk. Tuesdays we have Tadpoles playgroup, Thursdays I have Toddler Playgroup in Moe & Fridays I have Ballet in Melbourne (Ormond).
Some days it is fun to just chill at home with Mummy. I love swimming and the pool in Morwell is great because I can walk the whole length of the children's pool. I played with catchable bubbles with Mummy the other day in our backyard.I love to chase the bubbles and catch them, but the bubbles leave residue on my fingers. I don't like having dirty fingers, so I hold them out to mummy to clean them.

Life is pretty good at the Moment!

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When Mum was still pregnant I got a bit sick. I had a fever and a rash came up on my cheek. Dad took me to the doctor, who said I had a common childhood illness called "slapped cheek". This is caused by the Parvo virus, more well known for giving dogs kennel cough so dad called me a sick puppy.

Then Rhiannon was born. I was completely indifferent to the baby in hospital, I just wanted to cuddle mummy. Bringing her home from hospital I would look at her and say "no sister" - I knew my sister, she's Willow!

While Rhiannon was still in hospital, I got gastro (just 2 weeks after the parvo!). I announced this by spewing hugely in the car just as we were about to go visit the baby. For the next 12 hours I couldn't hold down even water. By 4 in the morning dad was worried about dehydration, so the family were gathered, put in the car and off we went to emergency. By the time we go to the car park, I'd started to brighten up. When the Triage nurse looked at dad and asked if Wil and I were twins, Wil was still mostly asleep but I'd woken right up.

By the time Wil and I were running around the waiting room, dad asked the nurse if taking me home was reasonable, she agreed I was in no danger from dehydration!

I was still sick for the next 3 days. When I'm sick I'm such a "sooky la la", which means as long as mum or dad are willing to sit still, I'm easily cared for, all I need is oodles of cuddles.

Since then I've become a big fan of 'annen, she's my baby sister and I love helping feed her and cuddling and patting. I usually give her a kiss good night if one of us is going to bed.

I finished childcare last week, I now stay home with mum and sisters. Dad thinks I'll be very good at being a middle child! I have the willingness to get into trouble, the strong opinions (evenb when I'm a sick sooky la la I STILL have ideas about how things should be done! I've already learned the importance of blaming my elder sister and am looking forward to being able to point my finger at the younger one as well. "Who me, III wouldn't do such a thing! (grin).

Yesterday while shopping with mum and Grandma, I went exploring by myself when Grandma wasn't looking! A nice security guard found me trying to find out what was down those stairs and leaped to the conclusion that I wasn't authorised for that area!
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